Ancient Egypt Collection

All of the following items are included in the pre-packaged antiquity crate. The crate is available to short-term loan, and all objects can be utilized in the classroom as teaching aids.

file4-1 copy.jpeg

terracotta lamp

This is a terracotta oil lamp with orange clay and dull orange slip. It features a hollow handle in the form of a gorgon's head. 

2nd century AD


coptic knitted cloth 

This knitted cloth fragment represents a very traditional art form by the Christians living in Egypt,  most likely made from wool.

500 AD


Cartonnage fragment

This piece is a fragment of cartonnage, or heavy layered papyrus and plaster, used in the process of mummification. The decorative and colorful scene depicts a baboon, in the ceremonial weighing of the heart. Reverse side shown below.

1500-1000 BC