Ancient Rome Collection

All of the following items are available for short term rental to be used in the classroom as teaching aids. All of which are included in the Ancient Rome Collection through our pre-packaged antiquity crate program. 


Bronze eagles' talon

This heavy sculpted piece of bronze, is an eagles talon and foot. Originally part of a full lifelike eagle statue.

1st-4th c. AD 


Notched spear point

Another  bronze, most likely with copper alloy.  A spear point with symmetrical blade notches and tang. A very typical piece of weaponry from the age, most likely owned by a soldier.

2nd millenium BC, Roman occupied Holy Land


pottery shard

A fine example of red slip ware pottery, widely distributed through Roman-North Africa. Often considered the finest pottery of the time, made with watered down clay. 

4th-6th c. AD






Bronze Fibulae 

A fibula is a type of pin used in Ancient Rome to hold together garments. Ranging in a multitude of designs and complexities, some are basic with a coil and others made to look like miniature objects, i.e. far left is a crossbow design. 

1st-3rd c. AD




Glass bead necklace

A beautifully preserved blue glass beaded necklace. The gold glass beads are bi-conical in shape, with a pendant of agate quartz. All 96 beads are matched.

2nd-4th c. AD






Alabaster unguentarium 

A small ceramic vessel most likely used to hold oil or powders. Extremely common to find in Hellenistic/Roman archaeological sites, especially near cemeteries. Typically designed with a wide base and long neck. 

1st-2nd c. AD



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