Available Inventory 

The images below represent collections of items that may be requested for classroom use. Every individual collection has it's own independent historical theme. A full description of each individual piece, complete with date, can be seen by clicking one of the buttons below.


Ancient Egypt

A small collection of items that will surely wow any class. Did someone say mummies?


Ancient rome

A wide variety of items that give a look into life in Ancient Rome. Range of materials such as Clay, Bronze, Glass and Alabaster. 


Ancient Greek-Byzantine

A fun array of artifacts from the Mediterranean, spanning the Classical era to the Middle Ages. 


Curious to know how these objects can make the journey to your classroom? Click HERE to learn about our pre-packaged antiquity crates!


The History in Your Hands Foundation is always seeking new pieces, if you or someone you know would like to donate visit the Support page to learn how to get involved.