While these rental exhibits are free to educators and their students, they rely on private donations to get them there. Please consider donating and help us promote history in the classroom.

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A treasure trove of fantastic pieces spanning several centuries of classical antiquity, this collection is sure to help any class travel through time.  Utilizing these pieces to demonstrate, it's easy to depict and understand everyday life in ancient times. 

Classical Ancient World

  1. Stereoscope viewer, w/ images of ancient sites (1930s Virtual Reality!)

  2. Terracotta Oil Lamp, North Africa 500 AD

  3. Clay "Pilgrim's Flask", Israel 1300-1200 BCE

  4. Red Slip Ware Pottery Shard, Roman North Africa 4th-6th c. AD

  5. Selection of various ancient coins, including Macedonia, 336 BCE, Greek, 500 BCE, Corinthian, 400 BCE

  6. Red Slip Ware Pottery Shard, Roman North Africa 4th-6th c. AD

  7. Notched Spear Point, Caanite 2000 BCE

  8. Bronze/Ivory Hand Mirror, 1st-4th c. AD

  9. Bronze Eagles Talon, 1st-4th c. AD

  10. Reprint of "Aegyptus Antqua", map of Ancient Egypt from 1677

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