Traveling Classroom History Exhibit Program


how it works…

The HIYHF team has developed the antiquity crate program in order to scale our operations to a national level. Although we would like to personally act as docents to each and every school, this simply is not feasible. This program works to close the gap between history classrooms all over the U.S. and our Chicago office.

Each pre-packaged crate is available on a short-term rental basis, with a specific, chosen theme for the contents.  We personally curate a number of items to send inside the crate to best suit the topic of study. Whether it be maps, coins, antiquities, or all three, our team will oversee the entire process to ensure maximum learning potential!



Here is a short video we made to help explain the process of renting and utilizing our Traveling Classroom History Exhibit program to it's fullest potential...

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