Rowe Middle School, Chicago

"HIYHF offers the chance to place students in that time period that they are studying!"

“ Often times our scholars are not able to analyze primary source artifacts from ancient civilizations and with your organization, my 115 scholars have now been able to engage in artifacts from Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece.  My scholars were actively engaged in the material and were able to ask questions to HIYHF, Mr. Berk, who was very informed on the history."

– Sara Nieman   |  RMS Social Studies/Writing, Rowe Middle School

On February 8, 2017 the HIYHF team had the pleasure of visiting all 4 of Rowe Middle School's 7th grade classrooms. Our day started with a discussion of the definition of an artifact, after which we jumped right into our activity. The students then rotated throughout the room to handle and examine a number of ancient Greek and Roman pieces, including coins, clay pottery and others. Working as a team, the students discussed the various uses of each piece, as well as what it tells us about life in ancient times.