St. Josephat School, Chicago

"My third grade students loved getting to actually touch historical objects, instead of viewing them behind glass cases."

“ As a teacher, I loved it because HIYHF prepared everything ahead of time.  They came into our classroom and set up four stations with many objects from the Jesus-Roman period (what we were learning about in class!).  The students spent time inferring what they thought the objects might have been used for, before being told the objects' true purpose.  All in all, it was a great experience.  We still refer to the "Land of the New Testament" ancient map copy given to us as a gift at the end!"

– Theresa Yerkes  | Social Studies, St. Josephat School

The History in Your Hands team paid a visit to two of  St. Josephat School's thirds grade classes on February 10, 2017.  We aimed to help the students get a firm grasp on the culture of the time of Ancient Rome during the life of Jesus. The students were able to examine several maps of Jerusalem, working together to find things related to the time and life of Jesus. Coins and artifacts also helped the students connect to the time period of Ancient Rome, while thinking critically about the uses and materials of the items.