The Frances Xavier Warde School, Chicago

"I hope to make a visit by History in Your Hands a part of my curriculum every year!"

“ The kids really enjoyed your visit and I did as well.  I’d really like to make this a yearly thing going forward.  It’s a terrific way to end the year in social studies. Both the students and the teachers loved having History in Your Hands come visit Frances Xavier Warde (FXW).  While the kids enjoy going to museums to see artifacts, they thought it was much cooler to actually hold/touch items that people had used hundreds or even thousands of years ago."

– John O'Rourke  | Social Studies, Francis Xavier Warde 6th Grade

Closing out the 2016-2017 school year,History in Your Hands was able to visit the Frances Xavier Warde School in the heart of Chicago's River North neighborhood.  Bringing along some highly varying objects, we did a fun recap of a lot of what the 6th graders studied throughout the semester. From everything to Sumerian, to Egypt, to the Byzantine Empire, to pre-Columbian South American the students handled all sorts of coins, trinkets, pottery and even some tools! This fun experience brought to life a lot of what the students had studied over the course of the school year, ending the class with some awesome visual aid and primary sources.