University of Chicago 

“This spring 2016, I teach a class on ‘Money in the Ancient Greek World’ at the University of Chicago. When I mentioned a possible visit to the class, Shanna Schmidt and Aaron Berk immediately and enthusiastically accepted to come to the University and to present coins belonging to their collection.

" was for them of exceptional interest to have ‘coins in their hands,’ these coins that we had been talking about for weeks..."

Although the students were of course better prepared than an audience of non-specialists, it was for them of exceptional interest to have ‘coins in their hands,’ these coins that we had been talking about for weeks. The artistic achievement of an early electrum coin came as a real surprise. Another surprise was to discover silver obols: it is one thing to speak of them as ‘small change,’ and it is another to discover that actually they were so small! Manipulating coins gave also rise to more technical debates and this was the opportunity to compare modern American coins with ancient Greek coins. The diversity of the coins that were presented, from early electrum coins to Byzantine gold solidi, allowed the students to have the longue durée approach of the phenomenon of ancient coinage. The day will certainly remain in the memory of every participant!"

– Alain Bresson   |  Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Classics & Department of History, The University of Chicago

Benito Juarez High School, Chicago

"Holding a coin that was held by ancient Greeks or Romans connects students to the ancient world in a way that a history textbook cannot."

“As a result of the History in Your Hands Foundation, my students started to identify bias and in early map making.  My students no longer see historical maps as objective information but rather as tools to promote an agenda.  Recognizing the point of view, purpose and audience of these maps will make my students more critical readers and consumers of contemporary media as well.

– Andy Pascarella   |  CPS Teacher, Benito Juarez High School

How can History In Your Hands Foundation work for my school?


1. Creating school presentations that use historical objects and complement school curricula.

2. Managing and coordinating local collector short term loans to schools.

3. Field trips to partner museums and organizations.

4. Seminars on specific areas of history to be held in your child's school.

5. Special presentations such as re-enactments of historical scenes to further enhance subject matter.

Get Involved


If you are interested in donating, providing a temporary loan of an object, speak with or volunteer at the History in Your Hands Foundation then we would be happy to speak with you. Please visit our CONTACT page to find out how to reach us!