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This awesome box features a plethora of prehistoric pieces that are sure to spark the imagination of any student! Ranging from dinosaur teeth to a hand axe made by our ancestors, there is enough here to cover it all. Also included(not pictured), a giant rollout geologic timeline chart available to utilize in classroom activities. 

Prehistoric Fossil Exhibit

  1. a/b: Ammonite, a)Mesozoic Era, b) Jurassic Period
  2. Petrified Wood, Triassic-Pleistocene Period
  3. Trilobite(Hallardrops): Middle Devonian Period
  4. Sauropod Bone Fragments: Triassic-Cretaceous Period
  5. Stromatolite, Banded Tiger Iron: Precambrian 
  6. Sinosauropteryx Replica: Cretaceous Period
  7. Stone Hand Axe: Pleistocene Period
  8. Plesiosaur Tooth: Cretaceous Period
  9. Diplomystus, fresh water fish: Eocene Period
  10. a/b: Carboniferous Fern: Pennsylvanian Period 
  11. Pygurus Echinoid: Jurassic-Cretaceous Period
  12. Amber, flying termites: Miocene Period
  13. Brachiopod/Mollusk: Cambrian Period
  14. Giant Mackerel Shark Tooth: Paleocene-Eocene Period
  15. Cave Bear Claw: Pleistocene

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